27 March 2015

March 2015

Almost a quarter pass by for 2015, the society is worrying about GST that going to implement on 1st April . 

Time flies ain't it ? 

Well ... As I recap on what I've wrote on last post, today yes today 27/3/2015 (Friday) I finally owned the very first car in my life - Mazda 2 soul red ! 

Yes .... I bought myself a car like finally and 900 bucks 9 years commitment ...! I'm officially need more and more money now ...! 

However , as my life never easy ... so there was something not quite favorable happened this evening when I was collecting my car ...! 

The front part of my car was having 3 patch of .... I don't know what shit I should called it that need to repaint the whole part of it .

Silly Huh ? How could this thing ever happen to me ? What is this luck called ? 

Totally not in the new car mood from high to low . 

Guess I'm driving U later baby ... We shal meet little later. 

27 December 2014

Last Sunday of 2014

Every here and then I realize that I've abandon my blog for such a long time 
It seems like my blog is already becoming a place I fare goodbye to years .

Yes , today is the last Sunday I'm havin for year 2014 .

Probably should take a recap on what happened in this years however nothing much changed this year , I'm still single and available , work for the same company Manulife , travel to Taiwan Phuket Bangkok . 

Met a guy that I thought we could had it all somehow he just not so into me , same shits happen when I can't even know what's went wrong . You like me ? Straight up dude ! 

On the other side ,
Life seems getting on track for me and I'm hoping to get myself a car by next beginning of the year .

Btw, just attended my lovely honey Nana wedding yesterday , and I here wishing her once more ... Happy Marriage my lovely friend 😘 

To end my post for probably the last post on 2014 .

13 March 2014




缺水 - 多个雪兰莪地区已经开始了长达两个星期的配水,大家一天有自来水一天没有自来水,原本已经编排好的配水时间表也开始乱了阵脚。 唉~ 还有同事就真的快一个月没有水用,这到底是什么 ?天气酷热原来可以导致一个国家那么的缺水 ? 我不明白了。。。。

烟雾袭击 - 空气素质已经到达了不健康水平,想说也快两个星期了,想在的烟雾已经不再是邻国传来的,是天气导致的自焚。。。。

飞机不见了 - MH370 很不幸的在上个周六消失在空中,这是一个国际关注的新闻,但是马来西亚却闹出了一大堆的丢脸事情,看的国人面子尽失。


29 January 2014










30 December 2013

Last ...... 2013

1am on 31/12/2013 

Another year gone and today again kiss goodbye to the last day of 31/12/2013 

2013 is quite a bless year for me ! 

New Job New Chance and blessing to have your accompany along the year, I really appreciate it ! 

What's passed what's gone ? 

From the moment step in 2013 house party til my just celebrated very advance birthday happened last weekend. 

It's a fruitful and joyful year I had with my friends. 

So happy that everyone is still tagging with each other. 

Same old shit I drunk I messed and guess this year just adding in some new stories for my mom to share with all long lost relatives. 

2014 is the year I stepped in 26. 

Yeah u didn't see it wrongly.... It's 26 ! 

Happy birthday to me ! Grown up please 

Purpose of life only comes when you have money to live your life.

Good luck yoke San ! Have a good 2014 too! 

Healthy wealthy pretty and hey you bastard lover faster shown up ! Hahahahahahaha 

25 October 2013

October 2013 now

24 October 2013

A day where our PM release the budget for 2014 and then I realize I only left two more months to 2014.

Time really passed so quickly, and nevertheless 2013 is quite a changing year for me. They say 25 years old is time you found the real you, with mature thinking and more stable income compare to fresh graduate , they are now  having much stronger financial to support their lifestyle.

Well I have to agree that 25 really changed me. From an immature girl to much mature IT girl and even some say I'm too old to be 25. I'm just trying to enjoy my lifestyle and I think everyone will pass through this phase, I'm now looking a better way to increase my financial like most of my friends.

In this 25 years old gang, I saw different kind of scenario changes happens around me. Jobs, characters and status do cause a bridge between us . Friends are now climbing the social ladder and achieving better in life. 

I'm growing and most importantly I hope I'm growing/learning to be a better person . I'm still that independent girl hoping to have a should to lean on, a dependent girl wanna be ! Lol 

Live well and so long fantasy ! I believe my fantasy will always well placed in my heart. Let's us grown to be a successful one with fantasy in heart . 😘 

Appreciate you my 2013 . Xoxo 

05 August 2013

New Chapter

Being a fresh graduate and working as a freshman in society university for 2 years 7 months to be exact. The one phrase that still pondering around my mind is when I was back at college, I told my friends :" THERE TWO INDUSTRY I WON'T LET MYSELF GET INVOLVE, INSURANCE AND BANKING!!" *with passion in my eyes*
and hell yes........that 2 years and 7 months, I was with ING (now formally known as AIA) and in bancassurance department worked closely with PB BANK.
Ayeeeee? two big NO NO industry all comes under same roof- bancassurance.

I don't regret at all to be honest. In fact I started to like my industry, my job scope. I like to deal with people, I like doing coaching. It'a amazing that you can groom one person from zero to 100% and even more.

Well as this is my new chapter of life, I'm here to announce that I've raised goodbye to my very cherry company ING on 9 July and joining new company on next Monday.
As said, there's no mistakes in life, and I believe this will be a very good path for me to have self development.

I'm hoping my new chapter will be an exciting chapter.Chapter that full of gold,happiness,lifestyle,love,health.......

cheers to life people!:)